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Columbia River Salmon Fishing Guide

If you want to have a special fishing experience, then you should experience a Columbia River fishing adventure.

Columbia River fishing guides provide guided trips for spring salmon in the main stem of the Columbia River and its tributaries including the Lewis, Sandy, Wind rivers, Willamette River, Multnomah Channel, and Drano Lake. To get more info, click Columbia river salmon fishing. These rivers are very near the Portland/Vancouver areas and this makes it easy to access for local fisherman or for those coming out of town to fly into the Portland International Airport.

The spring chinook salmons are the prize of the northeast and they are the best tasting salmon in the world. Columbia river spring salmon are a hard fighting fish that weighs between 25 to 25 pounds.

The best time to fish for spring chinook salmon is during the month of March through the month of June. These amazing fish can be caught using techniques like trolling herring, back trolling bait or anchored with kwikfish and spinners.

Fall chinook salmon are also called the 'hawgs' and they weight around 20 to 5o pounds. The enter the mouth of the Columbia river at buoy 10 during the month of august with the Coho salmon which provides a mixed bag of catch,

Buoy 1o fishery is one of the best spots for catching salmon anywhere in the world. These fishing guides know all of the best fishing spots from buoy 10 to the Cowlitz, Lewis and sandy rivers and then Bonneville dam.

The Columbia river fall chinook salmon are the biggest salmon the comes into the river system. If you one to catch one of these big fish, then you should be sure to book your fishing trip right away.

The largest popular of sturgeon are found in the Columbia river and Willamette rivers. It can fill your fishing day with intense action throughout your trip. To get more info, visit Astoria salmon fishing guide.It is common to catch legal size keepers which are 38 to 54 inches and a sturgeon catch is 18 to 40 fish per day.

These fishing guides are experts when it comes to sturgeon migration through the Columbia river which begins in Astoria all the way to hood river in the Columbia river gorge. It is an action packed fun fishing for sturgeon in these rivers.

Oversized sturgeons are really huge. These are fish of a lifetime. There is not many places in the world where you can catch a fish that is really huge. Oversize sturgeons are 7 to 12 feet long and weight between 150 to 1000 pounds.

If you have a 400 pound fish that is over 10 feet long come completely out of the water and shake its head then go back down for another 100 yard run, then you have the experience of a lifetime to cherish in the future. Before you get them into your boat, it can take you over an hour of fighting. Learn more from

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